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12/30/2000 Received information that Keith D. Clark  passed away on December 21, 2000.  Information was listed in the Daily Herald at: .  This obituary also indicated that Keith's older brother Dennis from the class of 1967 is also deceased.   Rest in Peace Keith!  You memory will stay with us always.
12/24/2000 News and a new e-mail address from Lon Sheffield ."I moved shortly after graduating and I haven't been around to maintain friendships or attend reunions. I've lived in Utah most of my life. I served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint for two years in Pennsylvania and later graduated from Brigham Young University in Accounting. I've worked in the computer industry and now I'm employed in Salt Lake City at the headquarters offices of my church. My wife and I have five children, the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 11. I was a little slow to get married, but I'm just as happy as can be. My children are doing well in school and developing their talents in music, dance, drama and so on. In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge's Ghost of Christmas Present, "Life is good!" . . . and I'm so thankful!"
12/22/2000 Debbie Anderson Fetch  will be relocating to Egypt in January!  Here's what she had to say: " It looks like 2001 will be a year of great changes challenges and adventure for the Fetches. We are moving to Cairo, Egypt on January 8. Bob's company is building a service depot to the F-16's in the Egyptian Air Force. We'll be gone anywhere from 6 months to 2 years."

First e-mail from Larry Metzler

New contact information for Bill Itter
12/21/2000 Once again using information found at, this time stretching the search into the class of 1975,  I found a Diane Blade listed.  I wrote to her asking if she had an older sister Darlene who graduated in 1969.  Diane confirmed my suspicion!  Diane said that Darlene had just recently moved and she didn't have her address yet but as soon as she gets Darlene's address she will send it on to me!  So one more removed from the missing list!!!  213 classmates missing.
12/18/2000 Dan Uhrik finally removed himself from the missing list!  Dan is living in southern California, with his wife of 26 years.  Dan works as a legal office administrator.  "My wife of 26 years, Jan, and I met in an adolescent psychology class
at UW-Whitewater. She still contends this class benefited me far more than I'll admit." 214
are still missing.
11/30/2000 First e-mail from Marty Thomas . Marty lives in Santa Clarita, CA and works as an Auto Parts Distributor. 216 classmates still remain missing.
11/29/2000 First e-mail from Janet Castiglione .  Janet is still living in Lake Dallas, TX and works as an accountant.
11/28/2000 Kevin Corker turned himself in :-)  Kevin and his wife Pam are living in New Jersey.  Kevin is an investment banker.
Found Karen Markowski Moore through her step-brother John Sauter who is a Hersey class of 1970 graduate.  Karen and her husband Rob live in Round Lake Beach, IL.  The missing list is now at 217.
11/11/2000 I'm sad to report that another of our classmates is deceased.  Ann M. Hinze  died on April 1, 1980.  I was provided this information by her younger sister Peggy Hinze Einhorn (70) . Rest In Peace Ann, and may God be with you.
10/28/2000 First e-mail from Linda Weiler Ferrigno  one of our missing!  The missing list is now down to: 220 again.
10/24/2000 First e-mail and update from John Legh-Page. John provided quite a lengthy personal bio that has been created as a separate page.  It's worth reading!
10/23/2000 Ron Kleinsorge (Lay)  has a new e-mail address:
10/22/2000 Greg Messina  has moved to Wisconsin.
10/18/2000 Received some update information on Ellen Hughes  Regalado from her younger brother Bill Hughes (77):  "My older sister is Ellen Ann Hughes now Ellen Regalado and lives in Oakland Ca. She married a chef Frank Regalado and has three children."
10/16/2000 The class of 1970 had their 30th reunion in conjunction with homecoming this last weekend.  Several of our classmates were in attendance: Gary Hedberg, Rick Schultz, Jay Jobst, Bill Carlander, Glenn Roth, Tony Stavros, Patty Harrington, Cathy Trunda, and Jim Kniskern. I heard that Bob Miller showed up for a while at the 94th Aero Squadron but he left with a couple others to go down to the Dam Inn. I didn't get to see him. I also remember seeing Gary Krueger (67), Glen Follett (67), Claudia Kniskern Hojek) (67), and Sue Hess Krueger (68). You can view the Reunion Pictures from the Class of 70's 30th reunion here on line. 
10/15/2000 Pat Buck Hendrickson  now has a new e-mail address:
10/11/2000 Found Carol Harris Sander  through her younger brother Scott who was listed at and graduated in 1976.  Carol is still living in Wheeling.
10/03/2000 I guess a little bragging is ok....go to  Do a search for "Wheeling High School Alumi"  This website is the #3 entry!  Not bad for no advertising :-)
This has been a good day!  Another lost classmate found!  Melanie Becker Kessler has been located in McHenry, IL.  It's not yet know if Melanie has an e-mail address.
The missing list is now at 223
Our French Connection, Betty Collins Pouzoulet  is back online!  Betty's new e-mail address is: 
Another Classmate has been found...through the wonderful world of internet networking Robert Engle  has been found.  His younger sister Donna Engle Henderson (72)  provided me with Robert's contact information.  Unfortunately Robert is not on line. Missing list is down to 224
09/27/2000 Will wonders never cease.  In rummaging around through alumni websites like and, I turned up some more missing alumni.  One was Beth Dolan  (67).  That name struck a familiar note.  I went back through all our yearbooks and sure enough there was a Jack Dolan  in our class at least through our Junior year.  I'm waiting to hear back from Jack through e-mail now. He's been living in the panhandle of Idaho for some years now.  I've added him to the database.
09/08/2000 More great news!  Another missing classmate has turned herself in!  Janet Waters Peden!  Here is what Janet had to say about the last 30+ years of being missing: "I just discovered the WHS Website. What a great job you've done! Well, it's been 30 years and I guess there's no need to be among the missing any longer! After I left WHS, I spent a year in Oak Park, then came out East to attend Barrington College. I started working as a medical technologist at our local hospital right after graduation and have been there since-26 years. Jeff and I were married in 1975 and have two children: a son who just graduated from UMASS and a daughter who just graduated from high school--both in 2000. Our son landed a great job in Boston as a JAVA developer. While I was at WHS, they told me I should consider going into a career in computers--now, I wish I had! Being a medical technologist is very interesting, however, so I don't regret it. We've been affected by the big "R" word, re-engineering, which makes the job even more challenging! My regards to everyone! Jan
09/05/2000 Found Cheryl Hertzner Jarrett !  Thanks to information from her older sister Sonja Hertzner Zane (66).  That brings our missing list down to 226.  
08/31/2000 Robert Miller  sent e-mail out of the blue.  Pat Guiney (71) told Bob about the website.  Bob married Nancy Kay who went to WHS her sophomore & junior years but transferred to Hersey.  Bob said he had intended to attend our 30th reunion but his wife was seriously ill fighting brain cancer.  Sadly Nancy passed away on May 12th of this year.   Our condolences and heartfelt sympathies Bob.  With the acquisition of Bob Miller our missing list is now standing at: 227.
08/20/2000 William Mitchell and his family have relocated from CA back to Illinois.  New contact info is on the recall page.
08/17/2000 Update from Jeff Combs  : "Hello, Wow, I reviewed the pictures from the last event, and Berendt, you are getting very old, while Denton and myself are still handsome studs! Hope everyone who looks at this note are doing very well, and I hope to talk to some of you soon. Jeff"
08/15/2000 Found Tom Yary !  Tom resides in Bartlett.  He doesn't have e-mail.  Missing list is at: 228
Update from Bob Tipsword . Bob is a teacher at Buffalo Grove high school.  He and his wife Kyla  have two children: son Scott born 5/11/77. Daughter Amy born 5/11/79.  Bob says his high school memories are: "Friday night mixers in the cafeteria, study halls with seemingly hundreds of students, skin-tight stretch levis, greasers and collegians, rules like if your pants have belt loops you must wear a belt.".  Bob also added these comments in e-mail: "I just wanted to thank you for all you've done to keep all of us wildcats connected. In the past week I've spoken with Ann Leimetter Gjertson, class of '72, and Keith McGowan, '71. Ann has heard from lots of her buddies since you contacted her. I gave Keith your e-mail address and the class of 69 website. You'll probably hear from him soon. Do you have a data base on any of the other classes? I had lots of buddies in other classes that I've lost contact with."
E-mail failure: Pam Hanson Feller
Discovered that Karen Lamont listed as missing from our class, actually graduated with the class of 1970.  Lamont was her married name.  Her actual maiden name is Pruden.  She is not Karen Smith, living in Theodore, AL.  Our class missing list is now 229
08/06/2000 Have half-way sort of found Patsy Kottke Patsy Kottke.  She is related by marriage to Joe Dembinski from our class.  Joe's older sister Debra Dembinski Kottke (67), married Patsy's older brother who was not a WHS Grad.  So Patsy's address is still pending and the C/O address listed is that for her older brother and sister-in-law.  The missing list is now 231
07/31/2000 Just realized that we have precisely 500 members of our class of 762 (theory) found!  That a lot!  Especially after 30+ years.  Unfortunately we also have 29 known deceased, so I guess that brings the number of 'known' to 529.  And that ironically works out to just over 69%.  I would like to ask that every one take another close look at the missing list and see if there is anyone there you might have some inkling where they might be.  - thanks!
Debi Cooper Knickerbocker  has joined the world of the internet.  She and her husband George, also have a new address in Elk Grove Village.  Debi's e-mail address is   Debi also gave me information that helped me find Rick Bergling.
Rick Bergling   is alive and doing fine.  He and his wife Adeline Amstadt  (71), married since May of 1972! are now living in Antioch.  Rick works at the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital as a pharmacist.    They have two children: Todd 24, graduate from the University of Illinois and presently a 3rd year law student; and Dana, 21 also a graduate from the University of Illinois and will be entering as a 1st year law student. Both attend The John Marshall School of Law in downtown Chicago. Both Rick and Adeline's e-mail address is  With Rick rejoining the flock, the missing list is now down to 233
07/29/2000 An anonymous tipster provide contact info on Keith Perry.  Keith is living in Phoenix and is a freelance photographer!  Missing list down one to 234!
07/26/2000 First E-Mail from Linda Kurr Kazares.  
 Here's what she had to say: My lifes journey moved me to California in 1972 where I remain -moving from Southern to Northern in 1980 - good move. I've made my home in the city of San Francisco since 1986 and love it. After many years in sales and computer oriented marketing, started my own company in 1988 which is where I am today producing large internet related events worldwide. Married for the last time in 1997 to my honey Peter, a San Francisco native. No children, I show photos of my home being remodeled instead of the kids <Ha> Family is all still healthy. International travel is very much part of our lives along with enjoying the local culture and beauty.  As a transferee from Sacred Heart to WHS in senior year I've not kept in touch with WHS friends. Have run into several close friends from SH walking down the streets in SF. Hope to have a chance to see mates from WHS at the next reunion - I'll be there! Contact me at, would love to hear from you! Gretchen are you out there? Am anxious to catch up. Love what you've done for the Class and your website. I was friends with Meg Aiman in school and am sadden about her death. Also Cathy Schiffer. So sad when we don't maintain our good relationships."  Linda is now off the missing list and brings the number of missing down to: 235
07/20/2000 Was able to locate Jean Serio though her sister Janice (66) and her brother-in-law Jim O'Brein (66).  Jean is living about a mile away from them in sunny Las Vegas, NV.  Missing list tally: 236.
Class of 1971's senior pictures made available on line.  Many thanks to Cheryl Reiland Tracy (John Tracy's wife) for the use of her yearbook to scan the pictures!
Received e-mail address for Sharon Gawlik Lesniewski.  Her email address is: 
Once again efforts on the part of the class of 70's 30th reunion committee have turned up 2 missing members of our class!  Janet Castiglione is living in Lake Dallas, TX.  E-mail address is pending.  The other is Catherine Cunningham Bandur.  So far all I have is Catherine's phone number and it has not yet been validated.  The missing list is now hovering at 237.
I am sad to report that another one of our classmates is deceased. Tom Tierney, died in a car accident in 1977.  This information was received from his younger brother Bob (70)
Located Mark Finn though his younger brother Larry Finn (72).  Mark is living in Champaign, IL.  No e-mail address is available at this time.  The class of 1969 missing list is now down to 240.
In conversation with Gail Young (70) she informed me that her brother Bruce Young from our class wishes not to be found, as does her younger brother Eugene (72).  I'm going to remove both from the missing lists since they may be contacted through Gail.
07092000 Removed Richard C Price from Class of 1969 roster.  There is a Richard C Price in the class of 1967.  The likelihood of there being two Richard Price's with the same middle initial is very slim.  Will assume it's just an accounting error on the part of the Alumni Directory.  Also removed John Perillo from Class of 1969 roster.  He actually was part of the class of 1968.  Missing list now at 241.
07/08/2000 Found Frank Murphy in doing searches for Class of '70 Reunion planning.  Frank is living in Athens, GA.  That brings the missing list down to 243.  Much thanks to the Class of '70 reunion committee for their search efforts!
07/07/2000 Gerry Daley's e-mail address is no longer valid
07/05/2000 Completed scanning and uploading all the class of 1968 senior pictures.
Received pictures from Kristie Wolodkin Gunther of our first Meg Aiman Sutton Scholarship award presentation. The lucky winner is: Melissa Laspisa of the WHS Class of 2000.  These pictures will be made available on Meg's Page shortly.
Heard from Debra Parson's oldest brother Barry ('67)and he has so far let me know she's living in Palm Desert, CA, but hasn't as yet provided a full address for her.  I'll still count it as a 'find' :-)  Missing list is now down to 244.
06/28/2000 First e-mail from Carol Krawczak Rogers.  Carol is living in Seneca, SC.  Her e-mail address is:
06/25/2000 E-Mail address obtained for Sharon Wirt Schmitz her e-mail address is: 
Located Lynne Olfelt Sommer.  Lynne has been living in Arlington Hts all along!  Shame on us for not finding her sooner!  The missing list is now at 245
First e-mail from Bonita Szymanski Truete  Bonnie's e-mail address is:
06/14/2000 In the process of helping the class of 1970 do searches for their classmates for their upcoming 30th reunion another missing member of our class was located, James E. Rhein.  James is living in West Blocton, Alabama.  His e-mail address is: .  That brings our missing list down to 247.

Also was given new contact info for Janet Rhein Veltri, who moved from Texas to  Georgia.  Janet's e-mail address is: 

06/09/2000 Received first e-mail from Dennis Papanek.  Dennis' e-mail address is: Dennis was with us at  Wheeling though the spring of 1968, but opted to go into the Army.  Dennis is living in Phoenix, AZ.    Dennis provided Richard Gyoerkoes' contact information and contact information for his younger brother Martin (71).
06/07/2000 Received first e-mail from Darcy Bandu Reum.  Her e-mail address is:  Her address and phone are pending.  Now it's only 249
06/06/2000 Located Darcy G. Bandu!  I spoke with one of her relatives living right in Prospect Heights!  Now why has it taken so long to discover that?  The missing list is at 250 Even!
Found Leslie Lama Gozdecki.  Her younger sister Barb Lama Ruth (70) provided me with her contact information.  Leslie is living in Des Plaines.  Missing list is now 252.
Found Tom Yockey.  Tom is living in Bloomingdale, IL. His e-mail address is:   The missing list is now down to 253.
Received a call from Kathleen Koeppen.  She has been living in Minnesota since 1969.  She said, in fact, that she received her graduation announcement in the mail after she moved!  Kathleen does not have e-mail :-(
Spoke with Shelly Sanborn Meusling and received her e-mail address:  Shelly has been living in rural Illinois since getting married in 1969.  She has two grown children (30 and 29) and a daughter 12, that she home schools.  Shelly provided some leads on finding Deborah Tracey and Diana De La Cerda!
06/01/2000 Received first e-mail from Lynn Fischer.  Lynn is an Astrophysics Professor!  She and her husband Moshe live in Monrovia, CA. Lynn's e-mail address is:  Missing list is now down to 254!!
05/29/2000 Found Pamela Klopf Bern.  Pamela spent 3 years at James B. Conant HS and only spent her senior year with us.  Her parents moved so her younger brother Steve (70) could play football at WHS.  Pamela has two grown daughters and is living in Woodbridge, IL.  Missing list is down to 256  some how!
Found Lynda Krienke through her younger sister Margo (72).  So far I only have Lynda's e-mail address but her full contact info should be arriving shortly!  Lynda's e-mail address is:  And that makes the missing list only 258.
Found Margaret Laskowski Ramirez.  Located her through her older brother Peter (66). Margaret is living in Cary, IL.  Exact address is pending.  Missing list is now down to 259.
New e-mail address for Chuck Alten.  His new e-mail address is:  Chuck was kind (brave) enough to send in a recent picture.  
Located Bob McCully.  He's living in CA.  His address and e-mail are pending.  Missing list is now an even 260!!
Located Gary Frankowski.  He's living in Antioch, IL.  He does not have e-mail. Missing list trimmed to 261.
First e-mail from Connie Smith.  Connie was located through  Her e-mail address is  That brings our missing list down to 262.
First e-mail from George Wajda.  George was located through  His e-mail address is:  George started at WHS with the class of '69 but graduated with the class of '71 after taking a few years hiatus.  He has been re-associated with the class of '71 in the database.  Our missing list is now down to 263.
05/26/2000 New e-mail address for Judy Hilfman 
05/25/2000 Found William "Jay" McGary through an internet search.  I called him in Concord, NC.  As it turns out he was really part of the class of 1968 but was a few credits short at the end of his senior year,  so he ended up graduating with our class.  I have changed his listing to be part of the class of 1968 per his request.  That still reduces our missing list by 1 and the over all missing list!
05/24/2000 Robin "Bob" Reddish was located through our website information.  His employer reported his contact info!  The missing list is now down to 268!
05/23/2000 Liz Gustafson Fitch's e-mail address failed.
Found Susan Bronson Weist!  Sue and her husband Tim live in Akron, IN.  E-Mail address is pending.  The lost list now only has 269!
Found James J. Bostrom!  Jim is living in Connecticut.  His e-mail address is:  This brings the missing list down to 270!!!
Finally!  The reunion books arrived!  7 months after the reunion!  Anyway, all the pages have been scanned and put on line.  You can find them  by clicking on the button at the right ------->>

Diane Vazzano Saar's e-mail address is no longer valid.
John Tracey's e-mail address is no longer valid.
Maureen Cunningham's e-mail address: no longer valid.
05/19/2000 Located Paul Wilferling.  He's living in Decatur, IN.  Missing list is now down to 271

Chris Aberle Sefton became the grandmother of Emma Therese who was born at 18:55.  Emma weighs 5lbs, 4oz. and is 19" long. Both she and Tracey (and Dan) are doing fine.
(click in the boxes below to see pictures of baby Emma)

05/07/2000 Found Deborah Simpkins Buczarski thru her sister and brother-in-law both from the class of 1967.  That brings our missing list down to 276!
Received e-mail from Bob Dooling who attended WHS with our class from freshman year through most of junior year when his family moved to Phoenix, AZ.  Bob graduated from the ASU with a degree in business in 1973.  His wife's name is  Maureen.
Found Harrold Hubbard!  His older brother Dave ('67) gave me Harrold's e-mail address:  Dave said that Harold is now going by 'Hub' Hubbard and still lives in the Chicagoland area.  Full contact information is pending.
The Class of 1970 is starting to plan their 30th reunion.  If anyone wants to lend them a hand I'm sure they'd like the assistance.  You can get to their web page on this site by going to 
04/25/2000 Located Gail Greene.  Her e-mail address is:  Gail was a cheerleader for our class for a couple of years but ended up graduating from Glenbard North HS.  She is currently living in Alaska! 
04/10/2000 Received e-mail from Roy Davis. His e-mail address is:  Roy ducked out on us after sophomore year to join the military!  Here is what Roy had to say: "I left in my sophomore year to join the army. After Vietnam I received my Ged, and got out in Texas, Fairfield to be exact. I married in 1980 and had two sons. We moved to Alaska and worked on the pipe-line. My wife and I raise, train, and show quarter horses. I have three more years till I retire. Then we will all go back to Texas. I would love to hear from all of my friends, and school mates. Please feel free to e-mail me, or call."
Congratulations go out to Loren Zimmerman and Brenda Warner ('70) who tied the knot on 12/24/1999 and have taken up residence in Cypress, TX.
Reports have it that Harold E. "Skip" Campbell has moved to the Atlanta area.  Skip also has new e-mail addresses: or 
03/26/2000 Fixed the counter on the home page.
03/22/2000 New Address for Gloria Wuich Chandler, her email address is .  It seems she and her husband had to move due to hurricane weather damage to their previous residence!  Gloria's eldest son is a news broadcaster for an ABC affiliate and her youngest son is getting his degree in broadcast journalism and plans to be a sportscaster.
E-mail contact with Jodi L. Fiorito Opiola.  Her e-mail address is:  Jodi spent 4  years at WHS but missed the graduation part.
New e-mail address for Karen Kempff Broderick.   Karen's e-mail address is: 
Lost classmate found! Charles H. SchmidtHere is what Charles offered up in his e-mail:
I have two children, a son Adam who is a senior at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and a daughter Holly who is a sophomore also at UWGB.  I have been happily married for 24 years this month.   My younger sister Nancy ('71) clued me in on your web site. I once met Gary Hedberg in detention study hall."  Charles' e-mail address is: 
Received sad news that Margaret M. Stephens Levy passed away in 1998.  Rest in Peace Peggy. We miss you!
03/07/2000 New e-mail address for Dina Vasil Tanner her e-mail address is: 
03/02/2000 Harold "Skip" Campbell's e-mail address is no longer valid.
02/21/2000 First e-mail from Sharon De Luca.  Her e-mail address is: 
02/16/2000 Mary Allen Thomas & Mike Thomas were nice enough to send us a picture! 
02/15/2000 First e-mail from Gail Haggard Maise. Gail's e-mail address is: 
02/10/2000 New phone and e-mail address for Carl Fricke.  His e-mail address is: 
02/09/2000 E-mail address for Greg Craighead.  His e-mail address is: 
02/05/2000 New phone number and e-mail for Alice Baeder Jack her email address is:
New e-mail address for Jim Kulla:
New e-mail address for Jeff Combs: 

Addresses courtesy of Kristy Wolodkin GuntherThanks Kristy

Gayle Brezina English was so kind as to provide contact information on both Linda Guzi Jaacks and her brother Alan Guzi.  Removing two names from the missing list.  Thanks Gayle!

With great sorrow, I have to report that Meg Aiman Sutton passed away on January 31st, 2000.  Meg was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma in 1996.  Meg is survived by her husband Tim Sutton, and their two sons, Mathew and Ben. Rest in Peace Meg. Go with God.  
We love you and miss you!
Link to Meg's obituary in Salt Lake City Tribune

Senior Picture 25th Reunion - October 22, 1994

A scholarship fund has been established at Wheeling High School in Meg's name.  If you'd like more information about this scholarship or to make donations to this scholarship please contact
Gary Hedberg
by email or by calling 916-683-4540 or 916-508-4540


01/24/2000 New mailing address for Jim Born in Round Lake Beach, IL
New mailing address for Larry Dyer in Deer Park, IL provided by Linda Maeder Parquette. Thanks Linda!
New mailing address for Barbara Manago Westerlund in Lake Zurich, IL provided by Linda Maeder Parquette. Thanks Linda!
01/23/2000 New mailing address for Jim Millay in Lewiston, Maine provided by Jack Bastable.  Thanks Jack!
01/22/2000 New mailing address for Richard Anclade in Lake Villa, IL
New mailing address for Hope McGlothlin Howard, in Wheeling, IL
New mailing address for James Rhein, in Birmingham, AL
01/21/2000 First e-mail from Gayle Paturalski Conroy. Her e-mail address is:  Gayle and her husband Pat, her son, Jeff (16) and daughter, Amy (14) recently moved from Illinois to Ohio. Gayle and Pat have another son Sean (19) who is going to school in Chicago.
01/20/2000 New e-mail address for David Sommerfeld: 
New mailing address for Roy D. Moore in Denver, CO
01/19/2000 Three more pictures from the 30th reunion were added courtesy of Gayle Brezina English. Gayle also provided her e-mail address:
01/14/2000 Email address failure for Karen Shasteen Kimball.
Email address failure for David Sommerfeld.
Email address failure for Robert Buerger.
01/12/2000 New mailing address for Thomas Artelt.
New mailing address for Deborah Anderson Fetch
Millennium Newsletter returned as undeliverable for:
Lynn Dickerson Michael Pattarozzi
Craig Cronquist Lynn Coates Greenstein
Jim Millay Larry Dyer
Myron "Mike" Tollefson Barbara Manago Westerlund
Judy Terreberry Mullen Lynn Olfelt
Fredrick "Rick" Bergling Robert Puryear
Gary Caja

If anyone has mailing or e-mail addresses for any of these classmates please send them!

01/10/2000 First E-mail from Diane Geimer Publicover.  Her e-mail address is: Diane has moved to Apache Junction, AZ at the foothills of the Superstition Mountains.  
01/07/2000 First E-mail from Mike Thomas and Mary Allen Thomas.  Mike's e-mail address is:   Mary's e-mail address is:  They weren't able to make it to the 30th reunion because it was their first parent's weekend at Clemson where their daughter is a freshman.

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